Where did you grow up?

-- Born in Moscow, Russia moved to USA when I was nine and lived all over the states after that.

Where did you study photography? 

--I took a few classes at a college in Texas but mostly I learned from picking up a camera and trying things, reading books, and by assisting in NY for a long time.

Was there a certain photographer or person that inspired you to get into photography? 

--Looking at my mom’s fashion magazines and photo/travel books as a kid inspired me to become a photographer. Looking at Paris Photo magazine as a kid showed me impact of photography

.Can you tell me a little about personal work that you do? 

-I love seeing people in a specific environment and trying to capture what it is in that environment that makes everyone behave or dress similarly.

What motivates you when taking pictures? 

--Just a feeling of capturing something or someone special to me. I always try to fall in love with something about the subject, wether a person or something inanimate.

Would you like me to mention any advertising clients?

--Sacai, Moncler, Coach, & Tommy Hilfiger, Barneys.

Where would you like me to say you are based? 

-- Based in NYC.